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Belly laughs
People's quirks
The great outdoors
Cold weather
Hiking + camping
Fresh mountain air
A good book
Exploring new places
Meeting new people
Different cultures
Red wine + good food!


Love and all its hard work + joy!
Long lasting friendships
Wholehearted community
Sharing meals
Simple living
Sustainable practices
Shared journeys

Hey! I'm Amy!

An Aussie photographer with a heart for
capturing love in it's many forms!

When I'm not capturing loved up couples on their wedding day you'll find me sipping black coffee at a local cafe (probably with a book in hand), or hiking to the closest waterfall, mountain or any other beautiful outdoor location!
I'm a deep thinker and an optimist!
I'm passionate about social justice and am fascinated by psychology (and read a lot of books on it!) 
I love hearing people talk about their passions and what makes them excited about life! 

I thrive on learning new things and have a slight obsession with podcasts!
I write lists for everything and delight in styling my home with treasures from my travels. 

My approach to photography

is all about the people and stories behind each image
- that’s you! :)
One of my favourite parts about being a photographer is getting to know people! So you'll be sure to meet me over a coffee before I've ever got a camera pointed at you!

Simply because I believe people are the most important part of any job! 

And knowing a bit about you and your story means I can capture all those precious moments that matter with more depth, honesty and emotion!


Love is the greatest adventure, and I believe it's so worth capturing


Now you know a little about me, I can’t wait to get to know you!



I love to travel! And am often on the move for work or play! My top two favourite places so far have been Canada + India!

I provide discounts for weddings round the world! So if you're not from Aus don't be shy! ;)