Nick & Janes forest engagement

It was such a blast shooting Nick and Jane, we had so much fun running through the woods with one another, chasing down the light until we were dancing in a big open field at sunset!  It was such a fun, relaxed afternoon and evidently Nick and Janes love for one another came through so strong in the images!
We had such a wonderful time with the engagement photos, I can’t wait for the wedding!


Morgan & Kims picnic engagement

When I first started discussing our shoot with Morgan and Kim, I asked them what they love to do together, and they said "we love to picnic by the river." A couple after my own heart! So we picnicked and indulged in wonderful conversation and sipped iced tea while watching the water kiss the shore over and over.
I just love that it's a memory they can keep of something they love to do together at this time in their life! (And it sure does make for pretty pictures!)