The Archibald Project / India

I've come to the conclusion that I'll never fully be able to explain our trip to India. Because it was beautiful + hard + empowering + exhausting. And most definitely one of the best trips I've been on.

I jumped on board as the on set photographer for The Archibald Projects new mini series (being released late 2017). The show aims to encourage people to travel with a purpose and centres around their mission of eliminating the orphan crisis. Each episode will take you to a different country to explore why orphans exist and what we can do to help. We travelled through Delhi and back out to the Nepal boarder to hang with our friends at The Good Shepard Agriculture Mission. And then made some new friends way out east at Gan Sabra HIV Home.

Here's a few things we learnt:

- Delhi belly is real
- Taxi drivers don't like to turn their Indian pop music down (even on 10 hour car rides)
- Indian elephants are really dangerous, so walking around in the dark following one seemed like a good idea
- The orphan crisis is complicated and there's no easy answers
- That silver stuff during Holi festival is not a fun coloured powder it's car oil
- Tiny little towns in places we've never heard of host people doing extraordinary things and living bold, sacrificial testimonies
- Indian street food is amazingggggg
- You're guaranteed a giggle trying to learn each other's accents
- The darkness in this world is overwhelming
- The light of this world is overwhelming
- Sometimes [most times] we don't have an answer, but crying helps (so does laughter)
- Shooting a "bedroom scene" never works ;) 
- Joshs' spirit animal is a grey cat
- Nate never sleeps (except when sick)
- I apparently like everything 'just plain please' 
- Whit is crazy bold but fears things that have never crossed my mind
- and Nick can make friends with anyone
- India is overwhelming + beautiful all in one
- Saying goodbye never gets easier